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Terms of Use for Exports


We can currently accept payment through Paypal, credit cards, bank transfer, Venmo, Zelle or cash.

We are not responsible for any problems that may arise in regard to payment but will assess any problem immediately

A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking. Cancellations constitute a forfeiture of the deposit. Any additional payments excluding the deposit

may be moved to a future shipment. There are no cash refunds for export bookings.


Export with Ivory Exotics includes transport from Miami, Florida to the Terraristika reptile show in Hamm, Germany. Buyers/Sellers are responsible for

transporting the animals to Florida and then for pickup at Terraristika.

Animals may be sent to Ivory Exotics up to one week before the export shipping date without penalty. Animals sent early than this will be subject to a $5 per day, per animal fee.

We reserve the right to increase the fee for unusually large or sensitive species.


This service is only available for non-CITES, non-venomous reptiles at this time.

We DO NOT guarantee live arrival as we cannot control the care prior to shipping.

We are not responsible for any delays due to weather and any other acts of God out of our control.

We are not responsible for knowing the laws in your city, state or country and therefore cannot be held liable.

We are not responsible for any tail drops by lizards such as geckos.

We are not responsible for any illness, injury or death of any reptile(s).

We are not responsible for any mis-sexed animals.

We reserve the right to refuse transport for any animal deemed in poor condition on arrival. Poor condition includes malnourishment, dehydration, injuries, open sores, skin infections or external parasites.


If the animal is deemed to be in poor condition it will be returned to the seller at the buyer/seller's cost unless additional arrangements are made. If neither the seller or buyer are willing/able to arrange transportation of the animal within 7 business days, the animal will be considered abandoned and the property of Ivory Exotics.

Any vet care required before the 7 business day deadline will be the responsibility of the buyer/seller. Cost for caring for abandoned animals, including vet care, will be the responsibility of Ivory Exotics.

Any animals held in our care for any length of time preceding the standard ship date for the export may incur additional fees. Fees will be agreed upon in writing before arrival at Ivory Exotics.


Buyers Assumption of Risk:  Buyer accepts the inherent risks associated with shipping live animals.  Buyer agrees that Ivory Exotics is not responsible for the death of any animal.

Buyer voluntarily and knowingly assumes all risks.

Buyer agrees to not bring suit in law or in equity against Ivory Exotics, any of its officers, directors, stockholders, employees, agents, affiliates, or any other person or entity on grounds, including but not limited to, libel, slander, invasion of privacy, personal injury, death, negligence, Ivory Exotics error, property damage or attorney’s fees which may occur at any location or as a result of their purchase .  Buyer agrees that this release shall be binding upon Buyer, Buyer’s heirs, next of kin, executor(s) and personal representative(s).

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