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Export to Europe

We will occasionally offer transport from USA/Canada to the Hamm shows in Germany. Non-cites only at this time

Number of Animals (pricing in euros) -

1 - 85e

2 - 160e

3 - 225e

10+ - 60e/each

The pricing above covers the export cost from Florida Germany for pickup at the show. Shipping to Florida or any courier required in Europe will be up to the seller/buyer to arrange.

USA Sellers - You must be able to ship animals from you to Florida via FedEx Priority Overnight.

Canadian Sellers - Please contact Reptile Express to arrange transport from Canada to Florida.

Due to Florida laws we cannot currently transport - venomous reptiles, iguanas, tegus, Boiga... If you have questions about the legality of specific animals please feel free to contact us at

Booking Request Form

Seller Location
Are they large? Large animals will have additional fees
Any additional species?

We have received your request. Thank you!

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