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Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Check out this new list! Coming in from Russia and expected the end of September. Take a look:

Dinodon flavozonatum (Yellow-Spotted Wolf Snake, CB20) - $265/each (males only)

Dinodon meridionale (CB20) - $265/each

Dinodon rosozonatum (CB20) - $300/each

Dinodon rufozonatum

Albino Type I (Orange, CB19) - $385/each

Albino Type II (Bloody, CB19 or CB20) - $425/each

het Albino Type II (Bloody, CB19) - $180/each (females only)

het Albino I & II (CB19) - $200/each

66% het Albino I & II (CB19) - $150/each

Hypomelanistic I (CB19 or CB20) - $300/each

het Hypomelanistic I (CB19) - $165/each

Hypomelanistic III (CB19) - $285/each

het Hypomelanistic II and IV (CB20) - $180/each (male only)

het Toffee Tangerine I (CB19) - $175/each

Toffee Tangerine II (CB20) - $300/each (males only)

het Toffee Tangerine II (CB20) - $175/each

het Toffee Tangerine I & II (CB19) - $185/each

het Red Piebald (CB19 or CB20) - $175/each

het Red Piebald and Leucistic (CB19) - $195/each (males only)

het Dusty Rose (CB20) - $185/each (females only)

het Leopard (CB20) - $165/each

Wild Type (CB19) - $150/each

Dinodon septentionalis (CB20) - $215/each

Elaphe anomala (Albino, CB20) - $200/each

Elaphe bimaculate (CB20)

Normal - $130/each

Striped - $150/each (males only)

Hidden Dots - $130/each

Red - $145/each

Elaphe climacophora (CB20)

Albino - $200/each

Kunashir - $150/each

Elaphe dione (CB20)

Red/Brownish - $150/each

Red/Bright - $185/each

Red/Flame - $210/each

Super Red/Bright - $220/each

Super Red/Flame - $245/each (males only)

Hypo Khabarovsk - $360/each

Hypo Khabarovsk/Rose - $425/each (male only)

het Hypo Khabarovsk – $200/each (female only)

Melanistic Far East - $185/each

T- Albino - $225/each (male only)

Het T- Albino - $150/each (male only)

Situla “Low Expression” - $160/each (male only)

Situla “High Expression” - $350/each

Crazing/Gold-Reddish - $550/each

Crazing/Gold-Purplish - $600/each (male only)

T+ Albino - $475/each

Het T+ Albino - $200/each

Beijing Line - $140/each

Yellow - $120/each

Halo “Low Expression” - $130/each

Tenebrosa Unicolor/Chocolate - $135/each (males only)

Tenebrosa Unicolor/Reddish - 165/each

Tenebrosa Unicolor/Red Bright - $325/each

Tenebrosa Unicolor/Olive - $265/each

Vipera “High Expression” - $225/each

Vipera/Reddish - $265/each

Vipera/Red/Rose Contrast - $295/each

Vipera/Bright Red - $340/each

Vipera/Thamnophis - $230/each

Red Striped/Dark - $175/each (males only)

Red Striped - $200/each

Striped - $120/each

Striped/Yellow - $135/each (females only)

Striped/Bright Yellow - $175/each

Striped/Red Yellow - $200/each

Black Mozdok - $290/each

Black Striped - $175/each

Elaphe sauromates (Armenia CB20) - $175/each

Euprepiophis conspicillatus (Reddish Adult) - $725/each

Gonyosoma frenatum (CB20) - $350/male or $750/pair (no single females available)

Gonyosoma prasinum

CB19 - $375/each (males only)

CB20 - $325/each

Oocatochus rufodorsatus (CB20) - $140/each

Oreocryptophis porphyraceus laticinctus (CB20) - $160/each

Oreocryptophis porphyraceus vaillanti (CB20) - $200/each

Pictures used with permission of breeder



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