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Current Availability

Cylindrophis ruffus.JPG

Pipe Snakes

(Cylindrophis ruffus)

Three available. All have taken live bullfrog tadpoles and the occasional frog or molly


Speckled Racer - Female - Nipped

Speckled Racer

(Drymobius margaritiferus)

0.1 Adult -  Only letting her go because I'm extremely female heavy at the moment.


2019.10.12 Tinley Hotel.JPG

Western Shovelnose

(Sonora occipitalis)

2.0 Available - One Large Adult and One Juvenile. Feeding strongly on crickets and other fast moving inverts.


Chrysopelea paradisi - Female - LTC.jpg

Paradise Flying Snake

(Chrysopelea paradisi paradisi)

Female LTC taking lizards, button quail chicks and the occasional lize mouse


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